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For Volunteers 

If you've read about our free certified translations for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable people and have come to help, we commend you.

It is not a simple task and in no way is it without cost as many of the people that come to us for help have many pages of documents that need translating and little to no funds to get them completed. We have dedicated ourselves to this cause and have not nor will we ever turn away a person in need of this service.


Because of this, the stakes have changed and now we need a few more kind souls to fulfill another need. In order to protect the vulnerable people that we are helping many of our partner organisations require the professionals that are volunteering to submit an Enhanced DBS check*. While this may seem like an unreasonable request to make of people who are providing free services, it is incredibly important that preventative measures are taken to ensure the safety of people in vulnerable situations.

Since you will be using the DBS check for the purposes of volunteering, the £44-£62 fee is waived. You may also update your DBS certificate to use with another company so there are definitely other uses besides working with us! The update service is aimed for applicants who for example; are working in temporary contracts, who are sub-contractors, who do the same role just in different establishments or are self-employed. To update for another voluntary position there is no fee, for all others there is a £13 annual charge.

If by chance you still are interested, please submit your name translation languages and contact information to or upload it through our contact form. 

Thanks a million!

* Please note: Only certain volunteer jobs will require an enhanced DBS check. If you do not have one we have other jobs (equally as important) that need to be completed.

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Thanks for volunteering!

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