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Spanish Certified Translation

Spanish Certified Translation

With over 437 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages, along with English and Mandarin. It is the official language of 21 different countries and, with Spain being one of the most popular UK destinations for work and holidays, certified translations from Spanish are one of our most popular requests. This is also due to the large number of Spanish speakers who make the UK their home. People most often need certified translations of criminal record checks, birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, passports, and university transcripts. We proudly and accurately deliver these services at an affordable price and guarantee the documents will be accepted by any United Kingdom institution. In fact, we're so confident that our unique set-up as a group of freelancers can get you the best-priced certified translation from Spanish into English that we have a price guarantee, which means we'll beat all other quotes. So, in the unlikely event that you get a cheaper quote for a certified translation elsewhere, just forward us the details and we promise to beat it.

Everybody loves Spain! Its friendly culture, sunny skies, delicious food, great beaches and incredible history make it one of Brits' favourite destinations, and not just for holidays - hundreds of thousand of them make Spain their permanent home. Many older UK citizens have escaped to the warm weather of the Mediterranean and now enjoy life in the sun funded by their UK pensions. It's a great way to relax after all those years put into working in the UK, but this situation often requires quite a few certified translations in order to organise their official residency permits, house purchases, mortgages, health care and other essentials. 

A younger generation of Brits has also discovered the delights of living in Spain, many young people work in pubs and language schools across the country, especially since the demand for native English speakers is so great for those learning the world's lingua franca. Although these pint-pullers and TEFL specialists might not be settling down for good like their older compatriots, they will still require translations of certain paperwork for their residency, work, housing, and health situations.

While living and working in other countries of the European Union has been (and for now still is) relatively easy, the UK has now officially left the European Union, and while free travel and trade continue, for now, we are yet to see how these rules will change as new agreements come into place. Many Brits who have been living in Spain unofficially are now racing to get their residency papers in order while they still can so that they can gain the right to remain permanently. This process involves a lot of paperwork and certified translations of any English language documents are required. The author of this section can testify to this fact, as he is currently in this very position! 

Another response of those living in Spain with regards to the uncertainty of what Brexit will bring is to simply move to back the UK. This is of course happening right across the EU, with many Brits heading back home to find work in a more stable environment with and less uncertain future. We have recently been getting many requests for certified translations of police or criminal record checks issued in Spain and often required by UK employers when potential employees have been working abroad.  

The uncertainty of what the future of Brexit may hold is perhaps also putting off some Spanish citizens from moving to (or remaining in) the United Kingdom. Despite this, there are well over a hundred thousand Spaniards now registered as living in the UK, with presumably many more who are not currently official residents. The economic downturn of 2008 hit Spain particularly hard and created a very high level of unemployment, especially among young people. Unfortunately for Spain and its people this trend has continued to the present day and has caused a certain level of "brain drain" to occur as many of the young, qualified and experienced workers head abroad in search of for better opportunities. Many of these young Spaniards now live in the UK and work in a wide variety of fields. Again, certified translations of official documents, police checks, evidence of work experience and diplomas are extremely important in these cases, and we are able to offer all of these at the best price on the market, guaranteed.

With all the back and forth of populations between the UK and Spain - and the cultural exchange that it entails - there are ever-increasing numbers of international relationships and marriages, not to mention the children of Spanish/British parents. One of the most common types of certified translations that we carry out is marriage and birth certificates, and they are very often needed when an international couple decides to live permanently in one of their native countries. Children of Spanish-British couples are certainly lucky, as they are sure to grow up bilingual in these two most useful of languages, but they may well need their birth certificates and other documents to be translated and certified if they are to move and live easily between the two countries of their dual heritage.

It must also be remembered that Spanish is a world language with an important history, the result being that many millions of people around the world speak Spanish, mainly in Latin America. The UK has seen a rise in immigration from Latin American countries in recent years, and these individuals who are coming to live and work in Britain will find that they will also need certified translations of their original Spanish documents for a variety of official procedures involved in the process of immigrating and finding work and housing.

Most of the requests we get are for Spanish to English certified translations for use in the UK. If you need documents translating into Spanish, for use in Spain or othercountries, the process is a bit different. Please take a look at our page explaining certified translation for use abroad, particularly the sections about Spain and the Latin American countries.

We have quite a few Spanish translators in our group - native speakers of both English and Spanish - who translate from Spanish to English and vice versa, so you can always get the certified translation you need. There are all professional and experienced freelancers who have the necessary credentials to certify their translations, whether this be membership of an internationally recognised translations association such as the Certified Institute of Linguists, employment by the Association of Translation Companies, or the relevant Spanish or Latin American qualification needed by certified translators in those countries. If you need to submit a certified Spanish translation, whether in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Peru or elsewhere, we guarantee its accuracy and acceptance, along with the cheapest price on the market. Just get in touch for more details or a quote.

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