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Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial Update V1.15 vaylnin




Their combat skills are determined by their weapon attacks and power statuses of their weapons. The difficulty of Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial is determined by how high of a tower players get. There are more than 100 towers in the game, with the most difficult tower which the player will be able to obtain by the end of the game is worth the minimum of 500,000 gems. Depending on the number of gems one has, players can climb up in the tower to the desired level and fight with monsters. Players can use gems and other means of revenue to improve their weapons and equipment. Overview of Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial Gameplay: Players start off with a set of three weapons (the spear, swords, and gun). Players will be able to equip any weapon in their inventory and have unlimited skill slots. When fighting monsters, if the player gets hit, it will give the player some power. Depending on the power, players will be able to use their weapon to attack more powerful enemies. If the player uses their remaining attack, the player will gain additional attack power. If the attack is used to hit an enemy, the player will consume their attack power and will be able to use that attack for a limited amount of times before it is gone. Players need to survive to hit the Monster and get the required amount of attack power. The tower will take some time for players to reach the required amount of power to fight with the monsters. Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial has an unlimited amount of gems and these can be collected by players for additional power to their weapon and equipment. The weapons' attack and defense statuses determine how much damage the players will be able to inflict to enemies and how much damage the enemies will do to the players. As players move up in the tower, they will encounter more powerful enemies with higher attacks and defenses. To beat these enemies, players will have to learn to fight with them, as they are the hardest enemies to deal with. Players will be able to equip one weapon at a time and any weapon in their inventory can be selected. Unlike other games of this genre, the other weapons in the inventory do not affect the player's characters' attack statuses and it will not take additional amounts of power for the weapon to be used. All of the weapons can be used with the advantage of four unique moves: charge, jump, long jump, and dash. Players will be able to use these moves to attack and defend. If a player uses the 'jump' move to




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Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial Update V1.15 vaylnin

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