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The Best Places to Live in the World

By Ines Alexandre With cheap flights and an ever more international economy, living abroad has never been easier. This article takes a look at where you might be thinking of moving if you fancy a change of scene. But while getting there and working there may have got easier, the usual bureaucracy remains, and you will often be required to submit certified translations in your new home town or city. Don't worry, we can help you with that. In the meantime, relax and have a read about some of our favourite cities.

Vienna is Austria’s capital and largest city and has been named the best city to live in this year according to Mercer, based on quality of living factors such as economy, health and housing. This is the 10th consecutive year this city has topped the list. Throughout history, this city is known for its music giving it the legendary name the “City of Music”.

San Francisco

This city has the best quality of life in the USA. In addition to its famous attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, the city has more than 200 historic landmark buildings, 11 historical districts and 14,000 Victorian homes which make it a picturesque place to live in. Also, San Francisco’s renowned and iconic cable cars are the only national historic landmark that can move.


In addition to being Switzerland’s biggest city, Zurich has been named the second most liveable place in the world in 2019. It boasts high end shops and restaurants, impressive art and a lively nightlife. Also, the aesthetics of the city with the snow-capped mountains that surround it and the river Limmat which runs through it make Zurich a stunning place to settle in.

Panama City

According to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index, Panama City is the best place to retire this year. It has a tropical climate yet it is thankfully distant from the hurricane belt. The cosmopolitan city has much to offer such as delicious food, jazz, golf and tennis among other things. The beautiful landscapes from mountains to clean beaches as well as the affordability of this place make it a true gem to live in.


Vancouver consistently ranks highly on lists of most liveable places in the world. It’s amazing scenery and the variety of nature to be explored and enjoyed here such as beaches, forests and mountains collectively make it an ideal place for anyone who is active or has a love for the outdoors. Activities such as skiing, and snorkeling are all possible in this vibrant city.


Despite its reputation for being a modern city, Munich, which is located in the state of Bavaria, is actually the greenest and cleanest city in Europe. This sophisticated place has more to offer than its annual Oktoberfest, for example stunning architecture, museums, vintage trams, exhibitions and parks. Another positive feature, is that even though Munich is Germany’s third biggest city, it has very low crime rates. If this article has inspired you to move to one of these great cities we're on had to provide any certified translations you might need. Thanks for reading and enjoy your travels!

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