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Medical translation: a certified translation will often be required

A good pharmaceutical translation is essential to ensure effective communication in commercial transactions, translations for specialist journals, leaflets, scientific articles, articles, clinical trials and documentation of various medical specialties. In addition, it allows for easier and more effective research and development in the field of health. This is an area in which certified translations are also needed, since a guarantee that a translation is accurate is often required.

Medical Certified Translation

Research laboratories are working on new drugs all over the world, and in many different languages. Companies market their products in the form of tablets, soluble powders or aerosols whose packaging and leaflets contain important information for the doctor, pharmacist and patient (dosage indications, warnings, information on possible side effects and contraindications).

A new and effective drug against a disease is not only a calling card for a laboratory, but also a revealing sign of the laboratory's commitment to evolution and progress. Approval of a drug's active ingredient is a long process and often involves decades of research and a large investment in multiple studies. The costs of this entire process are not simply passed on to the purchase price of the drug. Money can be saved in some areas, but anyone trying to do this with translations is following a path that can have serious consequences for some patients. The more accurate the information reproduced in the target language, the lower the risk of misinterpretation. Translations of pharmaceutical texts, when carried out by suitably qualified professionals, reproduce the original information accurately and clearly. A certified translation of such texts if often an absolute necessity.

Certified Translation

The clear wording of dosage instructions and contraindications is particularly important in the package leaflet for medicinal products. Any previously existing illnesses that make the use of a certain medicine which is contraindicated, and the side effects that may occur as a result, are important basic information for both the doctor and the patient.

Health insurance companies complain about the increasing number of treatment errors: 5% of medical errors are the result of incorrect interpretation of information contained in patient records, prospectuses and foreign language studies. These errors can be avoided by using translators who are specialised in medical translations, and those that can provide a certified translation, which guarantee the accuracy of their work.

That's why any translation requires the technical translator to really know what they're translating. The term "technical translator" is almost as broad as "translator" because it can be associated with many different areas. Medical translation and translation for the pharmaceutical industry are very sensitive to technical terminology. Since this is a highly regulated sector, for example, in the compulsory registration of patents and their translation, the quality requirement is obviously very high.

Certified Translator

Nothing is more important than precision in the delivery of translations that will have a direct impact on the consumer of the product. Since its use is associated with health reasons, all information must be correctly translated and in an understandable and clear manner.

For this purpose, it is always advisable to hire the services of a specialised professional translator or a translation agency which, for an affordable price, can ensure the quality of the translations by means of linguists with specialised training, familiar with professional medical and/or pharmaceutical terminology. Being able to provide a certified translation is often always a necessity.

Our freelance translators have years of experience working in the area of health and medications. You can trust us when it comes to your certified translation needs for medical translations, as with any other. We're the people to choose for high quality certified translations at the cheapest prices, guaranteed.

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