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How has COVID-19 affected our certified translations?

2020 to 2022 were very tough years for everyone, and now that we've left them behind, we all hope that 2023 sees an improvement. But with lock-downs and quarantines going on at a global level, the possibility and often the desire to travel decreased. Since certified translations are by their very nature intimately related to travel, study, and immigration, we saw a significant drop in demand for our services. We did at the same time realise that we were among the lucky ones who were able to continue working from home without too much disruption. In fact, since our group mainly consists of freelance translators who are well equipped (and most often do) work from home, we were happy to be able to go on providing certified translations in an almost uninterrupted manner to those who still needed them during these unprecedented times. We have seen a bit of a slow-down in postal services’ delivery times since the pandemic began, but it hasn’t been too major. We do encourage the use of digital certified translations in any case, which can be printed out at home by the client and used without problems (in our extensive experience) with all UK institutions, especially government departments, which have assured us that a physically stamped hard copy of certified translations is not at all necessary. We see this to be an important transport-related environmental aspect, as well as saving on time and money using the postal service. This all means that, although there’s been a definite slow-down in demand for the certified translation industry, we are still as equipped as ever to provide you with the highest-quality certified translations at the lowest prices (guaranteed – by means of our price-beating promise) which will always be accepted by requesting institutions (also guaranteed – or your money back). So, if you’re lucky enough to be able to go ahead with plans for leisure travel, study abroad or business trips in 2023, and are in need of a certified translation as part of the process, just get in touch, we’re here to help and are open for business as usual.

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