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Certified Translation in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia

Some procedures and applications for different agencies require certified translations, so it is important to define which are the most common documents we must obtain through an online translation office in order to ensure quality and accuracy at all times. In this article you will be able to learn more about the importance of an official translation of documents, the options you have to choose from, the differences that exist between different countries and the process you should follow to expect the best results.

Certified translations are used in many public, commercial and institutional areas for multiple purposes. It is common to encounter registration requirements or written requests that speak to the need for a certified translation in English or another language. Sometimes we don't know what this request is about and we make a mistake when looking for the best service to fulfill such requirement.

Certified translation services are very important but it is even more important to hire an honest and professional service, as there are many online translators who do not offer any guarantees. In order to have high quality certified translations it is not only important to translate the words within a context but also to use the right vocabulary, especially because the documents will be examined thoroughly and need clarity in order not to have complications in the process of reception and revision.

The difference between regular translation and certified translation

A certified document translation is a service performed by a professional who guarantees, through his signature and responsibility, the legality and accuracy of a document. That is the main difference between normal translations of any kind of content and certified translations that are required by different organizations or companies. Certified translation is a kind of sworn translation that has legal validity for different procedures and applications, so it involves a high dose of attention and experience in the process.

The person who certifies the translation acquires a share of responsibility, especially when it comes to very important legal documents that must be submitted in administrative proceedings. That is why it is important to count on hiring certified document translation services that offer a professional guarantee throughout the procedure. Not having a suitable person for the job or making inaccuracies in the translation could have consequences ranging from having to repeat the process once more to having to cancel the whole action. Therefore, it is always better to prevent than to risk. In other types of translations you may have some freedom of movement, but when it comes to a certified or sworn translation, you will need precision, responsibility and experience to obtain a quality product.

Documents that need certified translations

There are many documents that require the signature and seal of a sworn translator, always depending on the procedure you are carrying out and the authorities that request the points to be fulfilled. Each jurisdiction has its own regulations in this regard, so it is always best to ask in order to confirm the need for a certified translation to clear up any doubts.

Certified translations are more common than you might think, especially when it comes to business, education, labor and immigration. Globalization has brought borders closer and allowed for fluid relations with other countries, but on many occasions language is a barrier that has to be overcome. On some occasions, texts must have a valid endorsement in order to be accepted. Hence the relevance of a professional who certifies the content of a document.

While there are many scenarios in which a certified translation is required, some of the more common document translation services that we offer are as follows:

• Birth and death certificates

• Marriage and divorce certificates

• Criminal record letters

• Report cards

• Technical manuals and negotiation offers

• Incorporation of companies

• Official investigations

• Adoption certificates

• University degrees and diplomas

• Official and commercial letters

• Divorce certificates

• Public and private contracts

• Driver's licenses

• Bank statements

• Passports and visas

• Medical records

Requirements for contracting a sworn translation

As you can see, certified or sworn translations have many applications and are usually part of a series of requirements that you must fulfill for certain administrative procedures either with public institutions or private organizations. Although in many situations you will have to wait for the corresponding entity to indicate the need for this official translation, in some cases you could find out in advance about these requirements, such as when you travel with the intention of studying in another country or you plan to go and live abroad. In that sense, being ahead of the curve will give you an advantage so that you don't have to be looking for urgent online document translation services later on.

As for the requirements you need to request certified translations, everything starts with the document you want to translate. Depending on the translator or agency you hire, you will probably have to send the content in digital format (PDF, JPG, DOC, etc.) for the translation process to begin. In some cases, it will also be necessary to send a backup of the original document along with the text to verify the seal of authenticity and some other special mark. Remember that since this is a sworn translation, it is important that the document is authentic. If there is any doubt, the translator may ask you to confirm the validity of the document in order to proceed with the process. There is no additional requirement other than paying the service fee and waiting for the final result.

Waiting time and delivery of official translations

Each internet translation agency has its own terms regarding delivery time, which generally depends on the size of the document and its contents. Don't believe in too short a waiting time, as speed is not synonymous with quality. It is better to opt for a service with a prudent delivery time that guarantees the quality you need to present your document in the best way. Times can be from a few hours to a few days, depending on the workload. Always try to confirm the times with the translator so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

Certified translation is one of the most complex services to achieve due to the different requirements involved in each administrative procedure or application. Therefore, it is essential to hire an experienced and prestigious translator in order to obtain the best results in the shortest time possible. In our case, you will have reasonable prices with a high quality standard and specialized translators in each area.

Certified translations in different Latin American countries

Each country has its own laws and scopes of certified online document translation services, so you should pay attention to request the right service with the features you need. Learn a little more about the differences between sworn, certified or official translations in force in different Latin American countries.


There are several jurisdictions within Mexico and each one has requirements for the acceptance of translated documents, so it is wise to know these details in advance to achieve the best possible result. As for documents in Spanish from Mexico translated into another language, it is essential to have a specialized translator who can translate the most accurate work for the desired language.


Certified translation services are performed by certified translators, who attest that the person certifies the facts or data described in the document. The translators are not responsible for the accuracy of the contents of each document but the signature and seal are valid before government institutions. To transfer a document in Spanish from Argentina to another language, we also recommend a specialized translator to achieve an accurate and correct translation.


The official translator is the person in charge of certifying the contents of an original document in another language to be submitted to the governmental or private authorities that require it. Depending on the type of document, the translator must have passed an exam conducted by the National University or the University of Antioquia. As with other documents in Spanish issued in different countries, a specialized translator is the best option to pass the contents to another language with the best quality.

If you need a certified translation, just send us your files and within a reasonable delivery time and without additional fees for quick orders, you will get the document translated by an official translator following all the general quality guidelines. In addition, if required, we will send the document directly to the appropriate authorities along with the certified translation stamp. Thanks for reading.

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