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What do you need when travelling with pets? A certified translation of their vaccination record

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Here's a small but cute and informative deviation from talking directly about certified translations. Fair warning, we delve into poo. Not literally, and only a little bit.

Last week I bought two 3-month-old Siberian Husky puppies out of the back of a van in Mexico City. We named them Akira and Animal (and rightly so, he's a maniac). Currently, they are sitting in the inner courtyard of our Mexican Airbnb and one of them has just delivered a not so offensive poo four inches shy of the Wee Wee pad, where they are meant to go. Considering that I woke up this morning to an amount of watery elimination that could fill a ravine, I am not complaining.

Animal and Akira; all pooped out after a day of destruction

Animal and Akira; all pooped out after a day of destruction - excuse the intruding foot!

I feel like that’s all my life is now; poo, wee, and holding my nose while running to the bin with a pad full of excrement and trying not to vomit. And while my dogs are sweethearts and obviously not purposefully trying to make my life hell, there are some hoops that I’ll soon have to jump through to get them to continue on through life with us.

We (my husband and I) have recently been travelling by car through a number of countries and occasionally by plane for short periods to handle business in the US. While we’ve been able to return with relatively few issues, now we have to worry about transporting these two bundles of fur across international borders. For the most part, it’s easy to buy a plane ticket for your pets for around £100 per pet. However, I would also need to have all of their veterinary records and get them a rabies shot. For most pet owners, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but we purchased our pups from a man who has now turned shady and basically ghosted us, so we are without the dogs' documents, which we of course should have received along with them, rather than agreeing to meet the seller at a later date to collect them. Windows, please run *Foolish.exe*. Now we have to take our dogs to the vet and hope they haven’t contracted any diseases, then get them any missing shots that they were supposed to have had before we got them.

(left to right) Akira and Animal hanging out under the glove compartment

Akira and Animal (left to right) hanging out under the glove compartment of my car.

So, once my babies' vaccinations are all documented and I want to try travelling again, how do I go about it? You’re only allowed one pet per person on almost every airline. What’s someone with two dogs to do? I can’t always travel with my husband and sometimes we want to go to places separately. I want to go to visit my family and take my husky puppies to a nice cold area for their first winter. Unless they are still small by the time I’ve booked tickets back to NYC and can fit in one carrier, I’m screwed. If they are still under 15 kgs then we'll be OK, but I'll still need to get Spanish to English certified translations of their credentials for the US authorities. That should be easy enough, since certified translations of all kinds of documents - vaccination records included - are easily and cheaply available from Once that's sorted we’ll be all set to travel the globe!

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