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Which Businesses Rely on Certified Translation?

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Are your business translations accurate?


Finding someone to translate your documents is easy. When it comes to guaranteed quality, however, only certified translations will do. A trained professional has made a statement as to that accuracy, and that’s a serious responsibility. Many businesses need translations to be certified each and every day. But why? And how? Let's take a closer look.

When working with sensitive data or high-profile information, anything that needs to be translated needs to be 100% accurate. While non-certified translation may be cheaper, does it guarantee perfect results each and every time? Probably not.

Are you handling sensitive data which needs to be translated? Chances are you'll need to go certified. Here are three UK industries which require certified translation services on a regular basis.

The Financial Sector

Money makes the world go round, and it certainly is sensitive! Financial data needs to be translated with the utmost care and detail. A poor translation could make all the difference to a foreign speaker’s finances. Financial administration relies upon extreme care. Therefore, why risk mistranslating this data for foreign investors?

When dealing with customers and clients from other countries, financial sector workers will often request certified translations to make sure nothing is left to chance. It’s worth looking for that little bit of extra care and guidance to make sure your client doesn’t suffer financially.

The Research Sector

Are you a researcher or scientist? Do you need to deliver findings to a foreign recipient? You’ll need certified translations.

Anyone involved in research will need to make sure that all of their data and findings are translated correctly. One wrong sentence or word out of place could completely change the meaning of a whole paper!

Some may argue that the chance of everything falling down as a result of one poor translation is slim. We beg to differ. And why take the chance? If you’re working on a paper and it’s essential your readers understand everything you have to say, you’re going to need to find the best translation service available. Otherwise, you run the risk of your work losing importance.

The Legal Sector

As you can imagine, legal translations are very important indeed. They could mean the difference between innocence and guilt for some people. Legal document translations have to be absolutely flawless.

Anyone already working in the legal sector will know that all guidelines require incredible detail and care. Why risk passing over documents to foreign readers which may not make absolute sense in their language? Poorly-translated legal documents could undermine the whole process of a court case. They could also create a lot more work for people along the way.

Accurate translations don't just save time and effort, they could also prevent bigger problems from occurring later on, too. Although certified translations cost a bit more, their guaranteed accuracy could end up saving a lot of money. Think of them as a form of insurance. While you could risk translating an important document using a cheap translation service, it's really not going to be worth it. If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Whether you work in finance, law, research or otherwise, certified translations can help to make your job that little bit easier. Contact Certified Translations UK today via email at for a free quote or consultation.

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