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Can Better Translation Help to Fight ‘Fake News’?

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Fake news

It’s 2019, which means you’ve probably already heard about ‘fake news’ by now. It’s a phenomenon which really seems to have taken off over the last few years. But who’s to blame? Is it our mass media? Is it social media such as Facebook or Twitter? Perhaps we’re just not reading sources correctly. Then again, maybe we’re just not understanding them.

There’s been a massive push to crack down on fake news since the middle of the decade. Facebook has grown to become more and more like a multimedia news resource since then, and with politicians such as the United States President Donald Trump claiming that media sources are continuing to make stories up as they go along, who can we and can’t we trust?

In many cases, it’s down to finding the right sources. Some media firms and outlets have been blacklisted or taken to task for circulating fake stories. In other cases, however, it’s simply because we’re not listening to each other properly.

Despite the majority of the world now speaking Mandarin and/or English, it’s never been more important to understand each other’s different languages and dialects. Thanks to apps and services such as Duolingo, we can even start learning new languages through our smartphones. During the course of sharing news and understanding what foreign sources have to say, some stories can get mistranslated and misconstrued. While this may not lead to international incidents very often, surely it makes sense to take better care?

Certified translation exists to help individuals get to where they need to be. We believe it’s massively important for there to be no room for error when it comes to translation. After all, one little word out of place could change the whole meaning of a sentence! While many services and media outlets make sure their translations are absolutely perfect, the demand for news nowadays has never been thirstier.

Therefore, it’s sad to see that some sources may be cutting corners for quick results. Here at Certified Translations UK, we believe that a perfect translation takes some time and hard work. It’s important to us that all the details we receive and translate are perfectly understood by all parties. Therefore, there’s never any risk of false information.

Fake news may continue to be an issue for the modern world. However, if we start focusing on translating more carefully, we can start to understand each other a little better. While we can’t promise to solve the world’s translation problems overnight, what we can do is promise to help one person at a time. We’ll carry out your certified translation that with care, with efficiency, and with accuracy.

If you’re in need of certified translation and don’t want to share any fake news of your own, our team are always ready to help. Email for the best rates available and for a brief chat with our team. We’ll make sure both you and your document recipients are on the same page – with absolutely no room for doubt.

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