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Is Advancing Technology Helping or Hindering Translation?

Computers and translations

Technology can get rather scary, can’t it? Not only have we spent years losing chess to computers and using our phones to wander around catching fictional animals, but it seems advancing tech may also be helping to break down communication barriers, too.

According to The Independent, a device known as the Translate One2One could be helping foreign speakers to understand one another while they’re having a conversation. That’s all without the need for a phrasebook! But how does it work?

The One2One is an earpiece, and it reportedly picks up on conversations and translates them directly to you within just five seconds. This means you could be speaking in one language while your listener hears another. What a great way to open up the world to new conversations!

The device can translate English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese. It’s even thought to be able to work around many dialectal conflicts, too.

Each speaker will need to wear an earpiece, which means two of you will need to pay around £140 each to get started. That means you and a friend will need to start saving up the pennies. If this sounds like a wise investment for your needs, we say go for it. After all, we’re all about increasing communication and understanding here at Certified Translation UK.

Technology like this is always fascinating. It’s just one of many advancements in recent years which has helped to break down our language barriers. We can learn new languages with our smartphones and more. It's a great time to be alive!

But will devices such as the One2One become commonplace? Are we all going to be wearing them in future? Also, what does it mean for translation as we know it?

Right now, translation has never been more critical. While devices and technology such as this may be helping people speak to one another in public, there is still a huge need for certified translation in the world. Legal documents, financial and medical data and proof of identity all need to be translated physically with incredible accuracy and care.

Many people choose certified translation not just because they need to, but because they want to. While technology and artificial intelligence can do more jobs for us now than ever before, can they always guarantee you accuracy? Probably not!

When it comes to translation, a human touch is always going to be preferable. That is, of course, until an AI can prove to us that it can translate 100% accurately every time! Who knows, that time may be just around the corner.

Human translation allows for a deeper understanding of broader meanings, too. The risk of leaving translation to a machine may result in misunderstandings. Many computers and AI only often interpret commands literally, as we can see all too well when entering a translation into Goole translate for informal use or just for getting the gist of a foreign language document.

Human adaptation allows for human interpretation. Certified translations allow for a guaranteed accurate description of what a document actually says and means. Why risk choosing anything less?

We’re always excited to see new tech, especially when it comes to helping one another learn new languages. For now, however, we think our jobs are somewhat safe.

If you need a certified translation and require complete accuracy guaranteed, our team of translators are here to help. You can upload your document on our website by clicking here, or email us directly at to get started.

Let us know your needs and requirements, and we’ll arrange the best possible prices for the service you need. Translation, for now, needs a human touch. Why not translate with our certified translation group, which offers the highest quality at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

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