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Thinking of Working Abroad? Why a Certified Translation May Help

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With Brexit looming, and with all manner of international squabbles underway, it’s hardly surprising that so many people are taking the leap to live and work abroad. In the UK, things are already looking a little shaky with our exit from the European Union almost set to go, but with very little certainly on how it will proceed. We’re already seeing plenty of big businesses choose to rehouse their headquarters overseas – and you, too, may already be considering leaving the UK. We wouldn’t blame you! There are plenty of people who want to come here to work, too. In either case – can you imagine the amount of paperwork required?

If you’re thinking of coming to the UK to work post-Brexit, you’re going to need a few documents to hand to ensure you’re all legal and ready to go. The way that work visas will operate once we leave the EU is yet to be fully agreed upon, but one thing’s for certain – a certified translation of your important foreign language documents will be a big help in getting many of your papers across and read and accepted by the relevant people.

When applying for work and residence papers overseas, you’re obviously going to need to prove that you have the right to be there. It’s a no-brainer! With a certified translation, however, you can pass documents originally written in another language through to official sources without fear of misunderstanding or reprimand. That includes highly important paperwork such as birth certificates, application documents, visas and more besides.

Think about it this way – what’s the good in supplying an official with a document written in a language they can’t understand! How do they genuinely know what’s written on the page? A certified translation means that a document hasn’t just been translated from one language to another – it means it’s been independently verified and guaranteed to be accurate according to local laws. This means that you can safely give the authorities in your new country of residence the confidence they need to help you settle and find work.

There are plenty of verifications and checks which need to take place in order for you to work from place to place. Following Brexit, this decision may get a little more complex – but rest assured, there will always be a need for your documents to be translated. Whether you are an English speaker or not, you may still have identity documents that are written in another language. For the purposes of coming into the UK, you will need this paperwork to be translated, along with legal verification that what’s written on the page is legitimate.

Travelling to another country to work is a big step! It can also be a fairly daunting time. There are lots of different documents and checks needed to be passed through governmental bodies before you’re free to start earning a wage. Once Brexit has finally landed, it’ll hopefully be made a little bit clearer as to what you can expect from the UK’s protocols. Until then, however, we will always be sure to keep you up to speed on the latest developments!

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