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What is a “cheap” certified translation?

We get this asked this question a lot, since it is one of our main claims here on the website. It is something we briefly touch on in several of our videos, but today we’ve decided that we should delve a bit deeper.

The idea of a cheap or inexpensive translation means different things to different parties in the certified translation process. For us, there are only three important parties: the client, the freelance translator, and the translation industry. You may be wondering, ‘what does the market have to do with my translation’? We’ll get into that later but, be assured, it is very important. Below we have a table with the needs of each side of this tangled triangle, and how we would achieve them.

certified translation process infographic

This is how we do it. Our certified translations are done by professionals and we make sure of it. You may check out the average costs of our services or just contact us so we can prove it to you! If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out our reviews.

Separate Party What They Need How We Accomplish This Client An Affordable Price: Clients searching for certified translations are usually attaching these documents to applications for important life events (i.e. immigration visas, university, job applications, etc.) They can’t be expected to pay exorbitant fees for the product that they need. We have a group of professional freelance translators that work together as a team, there is no boss or middleman to take a cut. There is no VAT to pay as we are not a corporation and we also guarantee to beat the quote of any of our UK competitors.Freelance TranslatorA Living Wage: Many professional certified translators, who have studied and perfected their craft, are full-time workers. They, like the clients, have bills to pay and a cost of living to offset with the jobs obtained through websites such as ours. Our individual translators are given the job directly to quote on and receive the exact amount paid by the client. Since the price is set directly by the translator you are not likely to receive a lower price from anywhere else.Translation Industry A Stable and Profitable Market: Across the world, there are millions of translators who price their work according to how much experience they have. Many translators offer ridiculously low wages, and the industry takes a massive hit, as pros are bypassed and very likely the client receives a below standard translation. Our industry relies on the delicate balance of brains and integrity. We have a group of intelligent professionals that have worked extremely hard to master their craft. While we beat all of our competitors’ prices, we also take care to protect and support our fellow translators.

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