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TranslationsCertified.UK’s December Mexican Road Trip

Mexican Desert, Baja California cacti

The certified translation team is back in Mexico. It seems to be our home away from home since we just keep coming back. Any time is a great time to be here, but especially right now in December, since they tend to keep the Christmas nonsense to a minimum and the sun is still strong, so we can escape those frozen grey skies back in northern climes. After six weeks of the glitz and associated cost of southern California, we decided it was time to head back to our spiritual home with its possibility for low prices and high-living and take a road trip down the Baja peninsula. After checking out the vice of Tijuana and its environs for a while (and playing a lot of that old Manu Chao favourite - "CLICK HERE TO LISTEN"), we’re now breathing wholesome rural air and are on the road down to the city La Paz, close to the southern tip of Baja California. We’re enjoying the desert landscapes and roadside taco stops, but never fear, we’re taking care of all your certified translation needs as we go, since these days our faithful friend the internet can reach even the most remote of spots. Need hard copies of your translations? No problem, we’ve left a few unlucky colleagues back in the UK to keep up to speed with the printing, signing, stamping and sending of the physical versions – sent as first-class as standard, with other services such as tracked and next-day delivery available on request. Poor guys, but we haven’t forgotten them, and we’re grateful for their hard work which allows us to stay on the road. Maybe we’ll let them join the group get-away next year. Or maybe not. Some people like to stay home, especially during the Christmas season, but others are made for the road and that perfect combination of taking care of all of your certified translation needs while touring the planet and keeping our language skills tip-top. ¿Otra cerveza? ¿Mas tacos? ¡Viva Mexico cabrones!

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