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Brexit, the EU and a general reminder about our unbeatable service.

UK and EU are splitting up

Although we may be staring into the abyss with Brexit, the fact remains that in recent decades larger and larger numbers of European Union citizens have been moving, living, studying and working around the block of 28 (for now!) member states. This is all great in our opinion, but with such a variety of languages being spoken in Europe, it presents both a linguistic challenge and a great opportunity for learning new tongues. However, in this age of security and bureaucracy, it does also, of course, mean that you’ll need to get all your papers in order in the local language for all manner of applications and procedures. If you’re heading off to live abroad in order to escape Brexit and general doom and gloom, many local official establishments will request certified translations of your documents – from your passport and other forms of identification to certificates of births and marriages, to educational documents. This is where we come in, we now have freelance translators working across all of the EU member states; translating to and from all of their official languages. Wherever you’re going, we’ve got you covered.

The vast majority of our work, however, is carried out for those coming from other European countries and requiring certified translations for use in the UK. This is our speciality and our daily bread. We have comprehensive experience with the translation of all of the kinds of documents requested by British authorities and are absolutely familiar with the certification process required by the Home Office, Visa Office, Universities etc. Our many satisfied customers have left plenty of reviews of our service on Google, so you check them out there for a non-biased opinion. In case you don’t make it, we’ll just let you know now that they are all five stars reviews! What’s more, with our price guarantee there’s really no need to go anywhere else, and we’re working hard on getting this message across to the largest audience possible. We’re getting there, but it isn’t easy being an independent organisation - run by and for freelance translators - amongst the big fish of the certified translation business. If you’re reading this though, we’ve managed to get our message across to you, so get in touch and tell your friends and family. If you’d like to share a link to our website on Facebook or similar, even better. As ever, thanks for reading.

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