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It’s obviously really important for customers to be able to read past reviews of a business before deciding to go ahead with the service and part with their hard-earned cash. Our customers are almost always extremely happy with our certified translation service, so it’s something were interested in having on our website. In the early days we simply asked customers for a review via email and we uploaded it to our site. As a small organization we were building the website ourselves and learning the ropes as we went along. Low overheads are one of the ways we could keep our costs for our translations low, and we didn’t have the kind of money available to pay for professional web designers or SEO specialists. We realized that being able to add the reviews ourselves wasn’t the best way of going about it, since, although we pride ourselves on being scrupulously honest, realistically speaking a company could simply add fake reviews to make themselves look good. After a bit of research and some trial and error we managed to create a system whereby customers could write their reviews directly on the site. This was a vast improvement, but what we really had in mind was the Google maps review system. It was a little tricky to set up for our technologically-challenged selves, but we finally managed to get it all sorted, and we now appear on there. Since you need to have a Gmail account to leave such reviews we find this method to be much more credible for potential clients, especially since the name and profile picture of the reviewer appears alongside the comment. So, have a look, we now have 34 Google reviews with 5 stars across the board, and we’re pretty pleased with that so far! Take a look by clicking here.

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