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Dropping down the Google rankings – you can help by leaving us a review!

Well, the fame of the high-quality certified translation WITH A PRICE GUARANTEE did indeed spread far and wide. Our customers were so happy with our service that they told their friends and relatives about us and we got extremely busy. We were delighted to be providing the certified translations our clients needed at a fair price for all involved. However, as we were busy doing all that work for you guys, we unfortunately neglected our previously regular work on the website, and that now seems to have a taken a toll. We’ve seen our site fall from the first page on Google for general search terms such as “certified translation”, to god-knows-where in the depths of the rankings. It’s annoying as we spent so long and put in so much work in order to see our humble page creep up the results pages to within sight of the big boys of the translations world. We turned our back temporarily and we suffered the consequences! This needs to change, and fast! So, we’re back hard at work on the website, making the relevant updates, writing blog posts, adding new and relevant content, in short - improving the experience of our page for you guys, the customers. And you can help us with this. We think that a very important part of the addition of regular updates and content comes in the form of your testimonials. There’s a place to leave them on our website (click here) and you can also leave a Google review here (click here) if you have a Gmail account (you could also create one quickly if not in order to leave us that great review that you have in mind). This helps us doubly, it allows new clients to read about people’s honest experiences with us, and it also seems to be a very important aspect when it comes to Google’s decision on where to rank sites. So, from now on we’re going to ask all our customers if, in exchange for the best quality certified translation accepted by all government departments and UK institutions at the GUARANTEED lowest price, they’d kindly take a couple of minutes to leave us a review of their experience with us. Does that sound fair? We think so. And we’d really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

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