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Priests, politicians and primary school teachers - the irony of the upstanding members of society

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

One of the most common types of documents that we get asked to translate are foreign-language criminal record searches, DBS checks etc. - and understandably enough. People applying for jobs in the UK often have to prove they haven’t been up to no good whilst living and working abroad, whether in their country of origin or when British nationals have worked overseas before returning home. Employers want to know of any potential employee’s criminal history, and for good reason. Nobody wants a serial killer on the HR team, or a kleptomaniac manning the tills. When hiring new staff companies and other organisations are obviously not going to take people’s word for it, and equally wouldn’t accept a translation of the criminal record check done by the candidates themselves, even if they are often able to speak the language, having lived in the country the document came from. This is where we come in, as a trusted and reliable group of freelancers – who are all signed up to the Institute of Translators and Interpreters or the Chartered Institute of Linguists, or are otherwise members of the Association of Translation Companies through their employers – we can provide an accurate and certified translation of the required document that set the interviewers at ease. Or can we? It seems some of those coming to us for our high-quality certified translations are not as honest as their supporting documents suggest, ladies and gentlemen. We just love the irony of the fact that these folk with squeaky-clean criminal records come to us for a certified translation of the evidence of that fact and then brazenly steal it from us by disappearing when payment it due. Or, perhaps there’s no irony at all, maybe they just got away with it during their time abroad as they did with us! We can hardly report it to the police, but at least their antics gave us a good idea for an article and they will live on as the legends they are on the world-famous translationscertified blog! So, Emily and Evon, we wish you luck and prosperity in your new jobs! Dubai is it, Evon? Will it be pilfered stationary? Or insider trading in the financial district? Mergers and Acquisitions? Or Murders and Executions?

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