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Post-Mexico thoughts

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

It’s taken a long while to write up because we’ve just been far too relaxed since then, but the trip to Mexico was a great success. We spent time on the beach, sampled the local food and beverages, climbed a Mayan Pyramid, and talked a lot about where we think the group is headed. The conclusion? World domination! We truly believe we have a lot more to offer than any of the traditional companies offering certified translations in the UK, and at a much fairer price. In fact, as you know, we have a price guarantee so promise to beat any other quote you may receive. The group holiday in Playa del Carmen really gave us the rest we needed, along with some hot Mexican sun and ice-cold beers. It allowed us to refuel and refocus our energies and we are now back at work in earnest. Our SEO team of one is fighting our corner on the Google front and as we continue to head on up the rankings we’re busier and busier, getting our unbeatable certified translations out there and as a result helping people to get their visas, passports, university places and even jobs! Any ideas for next year’s trip?

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