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Mexican break for

We’ve been working too hard recently at, and we need a break. Our work with the website seems to have paid off and we’ve seen a significant rise in our website’s position on Google rankings and a subsequent increase in requests for our services. We’re not complaining, far from it, but we’re a small team and we’ve been working day and night to keep up with demand. So, this week, if we’re a bit slow to respond to your requests, please accept our apologies but we’ll be on the beach in Mexico partaking in some much-needed R&R – mainly involving horizontal melanin production and the consumption of ice cold beers and freshly-made cerviche. It’s an important bonding and team-building exercise, so don’t think we’re lazing around on holiday, this is an important stage in the improvement of our services. It’s all about you guys really, believe me, but just for the next 10 days, please be patient with us, we’ll respond to your messages and requests just as soon as we get back from the beach.

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