Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, Happy 2018 readers! I hope you are all over your hangovers and back to thinking about the thrills and spills of certified translations. This year we’re expecting the website to really take off. We’ve been working hard recently (and learning as we go along) on SEO techniques and improving the general look of the site, as well as adding new content and of course writing blog entries! Our website staff now numbers 2, a 100 percent increase on last year, and this is the main reason for the improvements to the site. Here at we really believe we have a great model for providing certified translations at a great price which is fair to both our clients and our freelance translators. We clear up the mystery and uncertainty surrounding certifications and offer them up in a straightforward manner with a fair price tag, and we’re working hard to get that message across to as many people as possible. Word of mouth from our overwhelmingly satisfied customers certainly helps but the holy grail really is coming number one on Google search results. We’ve seen a vast improvement in our rankings recently but we’re really pushing to get to the top. We believe that we have an unbeatable (dare I say revolutionary?!) model and at the risk of blowing our own trumpet we’d say that given the choice between our high-quality, personalised service with a price guarantee and what the traditional translation companies offer you’d have to be crazy to go with them. It’s just a matter of getting our message out there! So, please spread the word, leave us a Google review (just click the link on the home page) and give us that extra boost we need along the road to world domination! Thanks a lot loyal readers.

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