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Google review system now set up

Throughout 2017 we have been asking our customers to write testimonials on their experience of our services and have been publishing them on our website. You can read them here. Thanks to the suggestion of one of those customers we have now set up the Google review system for our website. You can read these or leave your own here. This system of leaving reviews is much better as clients can leave their own directly without the possibility of us cheating, changing it or leaving our own positive reviews, haha. Obviously we never did that or needed to but we feel this new system is a more transparent way of potential customers being able to read the honest reviews or our service, whether good or bad. It also means we are on the (Google) map so this should hopefully help on the search engine ranking side of things too. We're still aiming for that top spot for the keyword "certified translation". One day, one day. :)

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