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Free and discounted rates for good causes

Hi there readers, it's been a while! Just a quick update to tell you all that we've just added a new page to the site. It covers our work for good causes that we do at discounted rates or free of charge. People who are applying for the asylum often needed certified translations as part of their applications and we have quite a few requests for them. We've been doing these translations at these special rates for quite a while, but we're now making it official with a new page on our website. So if this applies to you, get in touch. We're also inviting translators who'd like to help out with working on this good cause to make contact and join the group. Most of the requests we've had have concerned asylum applications, but we also welcome requests from charities, NGOs and others working on good causes. Our group has always been about providing quality translations for fair prices, but now we're going a step further and providing it free of charge in worthy cases. We believe that this is just one more aspect showing how different we are to the rest of the certified translation providers, and one more reason why you should choose us. We hope you do! :)

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