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No VAT to pay on our certified translation service

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

No VAT certified translation

Apart from being the cheapest certified translation service around, with us you also save the extra charges that are often not initially listed by other translation companies. That's right, the 20% VAT added at the end of many a translation bill is a hefty extra chunk out of your wallet. But with us it's different. Since we are a group of freelance translators rather than a company, we are not subject to VAT and therefore don't have to add it to your bill. It's just another of the many ways that make us so much cheaper than our competitors when it comes to certified translations. Our overheads are extremely low since all our translators work independently and we have no central office; you work directly with our freelancers - there are no middle-men taking a cut; and as you've just read above there is absolutely no VAT to pay, ever. Just one more great reason to get your high-quality yet low priced freelance translations from Once again, thanks for reading!

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