*UPDATED! REINSTATED! IGNORE THE TITLE OF THE BLOG!* Unfortunately our "no upfront payment&quot

*UPDATED! REINSTATED!* Our customers have on the whole been great, and while we've tried to offer the "no upfront payment" deal for a few years now, it is unfortunately untenable due to people just disappearing on us once they've received their translation, never to be heard from again. We understand that you are weary about paying up-front for something over the internet, and if you chose not to go ahead with the translation for this reason, we completely understand that. However, please have a look at our testimonials to see the views of all our satisfied customers. We hope this will give the confidence to go ahead with your order. We regret that we are unable to continue to provide our guaranteed cheapest price on our professional certified translation service if certain people take advantage of our trusting (naive?) nature. These few bad apples push the price up for everyone - please blame them, not us! As ever, thanks for reading - we just wish this could be a more positive blog entry. :(

*Update 19 March 2019* OK, so I was in a bad mood after a few customers in a row disappeared on us without paying, but, being the big softy that I am, I have decided to reinstate this offer. It's too important a part of who we are to just give up on. We think that trusting our customers and delivering their translation before they pay a penny is a big part of what sets us apart from the rest of the certified translation providers. We can take the occasional hit on your behalf in order to be able to keep offering the no up-front payment service, along with our price guarantee, and a money back guarantee in the case that your certified translation is not accepted. (No-one has ever taken us up on this part by the way. Once or twice we have made minor adjustments in order to get a certified translation accepted. This was done free of charge of course, as was more to do with certain institutions' awkward and highly specific requirements which were not communicate din advance). So, with those three aspects of our certified translation service, why would you go elsewhere? Generally, people don't. Once they get in touch with us almost everyone choses us over the competition. Our main problem is getting the word out there and climbing to the top of Google. It's tough, but we're working on it. So please spread the word, follow us on Twitter, Facebook etc. Or even better, link to us on your website or blog. We'd really appreciate it. Let everyone know about our new improved and reinstated no up-front payment offer! Cheers.


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