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Unfortunately, our "no upfront payment" deal must end

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Our customers have on the whole been great, and while we've tried to offer the "no upfront payment" deal for a few years now, it is unfortunately untenable due to people just disappearing on us once they've received their translation, never to be heard from again. We understand that you are weary about paying up-front for something over the internet, and if you chose not to go ahead with the translation for this reason, we completely understand that. However, please have a look at our testimonials to see the views of all our satisfied customers. We hope this will give the confidence to go ahead with your order. We regret that we are unable to continue to provide our guaranteed cheapest price on our professional certified translation service if certain people take advantage of our trusting (naive?) nature. These few bad apples push the price up for everyone - please blame them, not us! As ever, thanks for reading - we just wish this could be a more positive blog entry. :(

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