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Certified translation for use in countries other then the UK

Although our translators are based all over the world (the nature of the job means it has an international focus and that we can work remotely), our main focus is the UK as that is where our group was first set up and as a result it's where most of our customers are based and require certified translations for. It's also easier to focus on one particular country as different countries do have different rules for how certified translations need to be done. In terms of the UK, we have a lot of experience and know just how to get your translation done and presented so that it will be accepted for official use without problems by a wide variety of organisations, but mainly the UK government and most often the Home Office. We also do a lot of certified translations for use in UK courts, embassies, universities, banks etc. However, we do realise than many people might need a certified translation for use abroad and that it's often a lot easier and hassle-free to get this sorted out from home rather than once you arrive in the country where it's been requested and is going to be used. That's why we also offer certified translations in line with the rules and requirements of other countries. Our large network of translators and contacts means we are always able to find a suitably qualified translator to carry out your translation - a professional who holds the relevant training and qualifications required for certification in the country concerned. It may not be one of our regular team but we will certainly reach out and get whatever is required organised for our valued customers. In these cases we may not always be able to apply our world famous price guarantee, but we'll certainly do our best to put you touch with a local, professional and certified translator who will get the job done for you, and as ever, we won't take a cut of the price since we're not a for-profit company, rather a loose association of freelancers who have organised ourselves to work independently to get better working conditions for our ourselves and most importantly, a fair price for our customers.

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