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Longest ever testimonial.

Thanks to Tom for really making the effort when we asked him for a testimonial on our certified translation service he had recently made use of. We decided this kind of length deserved a blog entry of its own. "I contacted 3 companies to provide a certified translation of my wife's mother's death certificate to provide her University with evidence that she could not attend examinations. Certified Translations responded the quickest and was the most competitive price. They offered both a digital and quick first class postal hard copy service included in the price. Having agreed the business I sent the document for translation by email and the next day received a draft version of the translation. Post a minor adjustment I received the final certified digital version the next day, and the hard copy in the post the following day. The certified digital version was accepted by the University. All in all it was a professional service at the best price of the three I contacted. I would certainly recommend Certified Translations." Tom Kissack

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