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The varied lifestyles of the freelance certified translator

Well, let's say it has its ups and downs, but overall we can't complain. We love helping you guys out with the certified translations you need, but we're a diverse bunch doing our jobs from all over the world and in all manner of situations. There's the single mother working hard on your certified translations while maintaining the balancing act of bringing up 3 kids in the USA; the ex-city worker who got tired of the rat race and now enjoys the silence of his country pad while working on what he really loves - languages; and the adventurer who sometimes struggles to find wifi in the wilds of Brazil while combining your quality Portuguese to English certified translations with his Amazonian adventures. The great thing about this job, apart from our shared love of languages and our pride in delivering accurate and professional official translation acceptable by all manner of institutions, is the freedom it gives to work away from the office and live a lifestyle that is a little bit different to that of the average 9-5 job. Don't get us wrong, plenty of us do work that way, it suits some of us and we enjoy being in an office environment with the camaraderie and comforting familiarity that it brings. But there are the wilder ones among us, those who may be hammering out your no doubt still excellent quality certified translation from a Guatemalan fleapit 5 dollar hotel while swatting away mosquitoes and wiping away the sweat. Or then again, he just might be writing these very blog entries from there.. ;)

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