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Search to see major improvements soon

We're pretty happy with the performance of our certified translations website and with that of our with sister site "", but we have had some issues with our internet hosts providers. It's for this reason that we are in the process of changing them both to a higher-quality hosting service with should see great benefits for both us here working at the sites and for you the customer. Greater manageability, speed and available onsite tools including instant quoting and contact methods with improved document attachment possibility should all see a vastly superior service. It will all be coming to you very soon but please bear with us though as it's a complex process. However, we're confident it will lead to a greater and more efficient service all round with added interaction between the two sites, our freelancers and the clients; giving everyone more choice and freedom with regards what they want in terms of certified translations at a great price or simply a high quality standard and highly economical translation for general use. Blogs and testimonials will continue to form a large part of our websites as they help to spread the word about our service, show the extremely high level of customer satisfaction and also be very effective in terms of search engine optimisation, especially on google, the most important search engine out there. We do ask all out customers as a matter of course if they would be willing to write a testimonial but if we missed you off somehow or you never got around to it and would like to do so now, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your comments (good, bad or indifferent) and we will happily include them on our testimonials page. Similarly, if you are interested in writing a blog post for the site, on any old theme, it doesn't really have to be directly related to translation (although some kind of link may be useful - think your holiday experiences after using our service for a visa, or an up-and-coming translator's experiences about breaking into the industry, maybe just an interest in languages, or whatever else you can think of...) We'd be delighted to receive posts from guest bloggers! We're sure they would be more interesting that our own efforts anyhow! Well, as ever, thanks for reading and we hope to see you next time (hopefully on a new and improved site!) All the best till then. The certified translation team.

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