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Non-payment for certified translation

Perhaps we're just too trusting, but sending out certified translations to people before we've received payment hasn't seemed like the best idea of late. We seem to have had more clients than usual who just take the goods and run. We have considered starting to charge upfront, but in the end we decided not to let this small minority ruin it for everyone. We are going to continue to trust the good people who require our services and are very happy with the quality and price, and are only too happy to pay up once they have received their translation. As for the others, well, we think it's their problem, not ours. What are a few pounds here and there. We'd prefer to lose out on a bit of payment than to be in their sad old shows. You know who you are guys ;) They're not gonna bring us down, keep on getting in touch people for your guaranteed cheapest and highest quality certified translations that will be accepted by all requesting authorities. Thanks for all your support! Cheers, the translationscertified team.

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