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Peer to peer translation

You've probably heard of peer to peer lending and peer to peer rentals (and we think they're great!), but have you heard of peer to peer translation? You have now. We find it is the best concept for explaining the way we work, with no agency acting as a middle-man and driving up the prices of the translation. We understand that many translation agencies do a great job, and as freelance translators many of us rely on them to provide us with the regular work that we need to get by. But the way they function necessarily drives up costs for the customer due to their high overheads and their desire for profit, which if we're honest is their main reason for existing. At we're different. We're a group of freelancers who have formed an organisation in order to provide quality translations at a great price by working directly with clients and cutting our the agencies to provide a more streamlined, personal and better value service. Explaining this has always been a central part of getting our message across to customers, and in as far as we've been successful at that those customers have been very happy and strongly approve of our ethos. It's not the most succinct of explanations though, and we now feel that that the concept of peer to peer translations has perfect explanatory value for what we are about, so we'll be marketing ourselves using this term from now on. As ever, thanks for reading!

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