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How long does a certified translation take?

Once we have your documents the actual translation part doesn’t usually take very long. 24 hours is often plenty for a few pages. Certification is also a process that can be done quickly. The most important factor is getting the translation to you. If a digital certification is acceptable (and it often it – please check with the requesting organisation) we can get the certified translation to you instantly, well, at the speed of an email! You will then just need to print it off and it’s ready to be used. If the requesting organisation has asked for a hard copy we’ll need to physically get that to you. We usually send them by regular post, as it’s pretty reliable and quick. With a first-class stamp it should be with you in a day or so, assuming you are also in the United Kingdom. If you need a hard copy right away there are courier services or the Royal Mail’s own guaranteed 9am next day deliver. This is obviously a significant added cost (approximately £18), but if it’s a matter of urgency it can be the best option. You’ll need to make sure you are at the delivery address however so that you can sign for the translation. If you are abroad we can also send out the document by post, and there are guaranteed delivery options, but this is of course going to take a bit longer. Whatever option works best for you, we’ll do our best to get your cheap certified translation to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you.

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