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How much does a certified translation cost?

First of all, we guarantee the cheapest prices on certified translations – so you won’t get one cheaper elsewhere. And if you do find a cheaper quote, we promise to beat it. As for specific prices, it’s hard to generalise accurately since the kind of documents that usually require certification (birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas etc.) can vary widely in terms of word count and formatting. But as a rough guide we say that your average one-page document will cost around £35-£40, with significant discounts for additional pages. We find this to be far cheaper than most other quotes, although of course we’ll drop that price to beat any better quote you may find from any other translator or translation company. We can afford to charge less for two reasons. 1. Our unique set-up as an organisation of freelancers rather than a company means we have no overheads, no profits, and no VAT to charge. 2. Certified translations are generally very overpriced. (3. If you do happen to find a cheaper quote we are willing to take the job in order to fulfil our promise). Whether it's reason 1, 2 (or 3), or a combination thereof, we provide the cheapest certified translation service around - in London, the UK or anywhere else.

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