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Certified translation and geographical location

Wherever you are in the world we can get a certified translation to you at our unbeatable prices. Although our freelance translation group grew out of London and the UK, we now have members living in locations across the globe. This not an issue as all our work and communication is done by email. If you are based in a far-off country, we can send you a digitally certified translation by email. We can also post out our hand-signed and stamped hard copies to you if required – we’ll only add the relevant postal charges. If you live in London or anywhere else in the UK we can send out a hard copy by first class post which should be with you in a day or two. In the case that your certified translation is extremely urgent and of vital importance we are also able to send it by guaranteed/registered post, although Royal Mail charges about £18 to guarantee next-day 9 am delivery. Wherever you are and however fast you need your certified translation – the delivery method is up to you.

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