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Exciting news! We've ordered a real stamp for our certified translations!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

** Update ** Despite trying to drag the world of certified translation services kicking and screaming into the 21st century (see below), it seems some institutions still prefer a good old-fashioned stamp. We're actually pretty excited about being and to hand stamp your translations if that's what you need. It's kind of satisfying - Kerchunk! And we're pleased to say that it's on its way and very soon we'll be sending out hand-signed, hand-stamped copies of your high-quality yet still unbeatably priced certified translations. Can't wait! :D ** Previous post **

What's the first thing people ask about their certified translations? "Will it have a stamp and the translator’s hand-written signature on it?" Well, erm, no. This is a very outdated idea of what is required on a certified translation. These days electronic signatures are 100% legally valid and our smart electronic stamp shows at first glance that what you have in your hand is indeed a legitimate "Certified Translation". The document will also display our web address, postal address, email, translator name and credentials, an electronic signature of either the translator or project manager, along with the statement of accuracy that is the most important aspect of the certification. All this gives our certified translations the professional appearance you would expect, but its 100% digital nature means there is no need for slow and sometimes unreliable postal delivery and the associated costs, both to your pocket and the environment. It also means that our freelancers can send you your translation instantly from their bases all over the world. We truly are a global organization making the most of today's instant means of communication and digital technology. This all makes for an easier and cheaper process for you when you need a professional certified translation service, and helps us to be able to offer you the highest quality work at the lowest prices around - guaranteed! Of course, not everyone has quite caught up with modern technology in this sense - not least certain government departments! If they stubbornly continue to require hand-signed hard copies of your official translations then we'll gladly put them in the snail mail for you. First-class, of course! Hopefully they'll catch up with the modern world one day soon!

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