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You can now see examples of real certified translations on our site.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Today we've uploaded some of our certified translations onto our website. Seems obvious, huh? But we think it's really helpful for you to really understand what you're going to receive in order to be sure it's just what you need. The image of the certified translation shows you that you have the statement of accuracy, the stamp, the translator's name, credentials and signature, and our contact details. This pretty much covers all bases for all the slightly different aspects that different organisations may require. However, if there's some special extra detail that you require just let us know and we'll be happy to oblige. The sample certified translations appear on our website at but we'll also upload a copy here below on the blog. We hope it comes in useful. These were real certified translations that were carried out and then not paid for, due to our no up-front payment policy. Sometimes we have to take a hit and accept that we're never going to hear from the person who ordered an official translation again. We have, however, changed the names and some other details that appear therein in order to protect the identy of the people mentioned in the certified translation.

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