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Are Most Certified Translation Services in the UK a Rip-Off?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Certified translations do cost more than standard translation, as the translator needs to have the correct credentials, careful proofreading must be carried out, and the formatting of official documents often takes time, but generally speaking they are still overpriced. In our view this is because they're really not as complicated as is often made out by translation agencies. It's true that there are different types of certification, but the standard certified translation which is required in 90% of cases is fairly straight-forward. It simply requires that the translator has the correct credentials demanded by the requesting body (often ITI or CIOL membership) careful proofreading, and a statement by the translator or agency guaranteeing that it is accurate. The contact details are also added and often so is a signature and stamp. It seems to us that translation companies often take advantage of people's need for a certified translation and up the price accordingly. We disagree with that - and that's why we offer cheap official translations, in fact we're the cheapest around, and just in case you find anyone supplying them cheaper, we offer a price guarantee whereby we promise to beat any other comparable quote for certified translation in the UK.

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