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Our certified translation service.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Here's why you should choose our quick and cheap certified translation services

Unlike traditional translation companies, our certified translations are done quickly and at an unbeatable price, this is due to a number of factors.


  1. We don’t need hard copies of your documents in order to carry out a certified translation. All we need is a good quality scan or photograph which you can send by email. This saves lots of time and also ensures that your precious documents can never be lost.

  2. Our certification is carried out electronically – this means we can send your certified translation document by email for you to print out yourself. This saves days of postage time and keeps costs and prices low. This factor also helps to keep our (and your) carbon footprint to a minimum during the process of producing your official translation.

  3. Our team is made up of hundreds of members – all professional freelance certified translators with the correct professionl credentials to produce a certified translation in the UK – so there will always be someone available to take care of your requirements immediately.


  1. Our unique set-up means we can offer unbeatable prices on certified translations of your official documents.

  2. We are not a company! You work directly with freelance certified translators. There is no translation agency or company involved taking their usual cut. This also keeps our overheads right down as all our translators work independently and we have no need for a central office. These saving are reflected in the price of our certified translation service.

  3. Since we are not a company we are not required to pay VAT. Freelancers are exempt from value added tax and therefore you pay none on your certified translations, unlike with traditional translation companies.

  4. Our electronic certification also saves you money. It’s quick and easy and there are no postage costs. Our certified translations are sent via email for you to print out yourself. These electronic certifications are 100% acceptable by the UK government departments requiring official translations.

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