All the ways to settle your bill

            It's 2020, and this year we want to make life even easier for you, so we've                              created this list showing you every single way that you can pay for your certified                  translations.

            Bank Transfer

      We can accept both Euros and Pound Sterling.

       Pound Sterling Account Details - £

Holder: Oliver Rodway

Bank: Transferwise 

Account no.: 54252692

Sort: 23-14-70

      Euro Account Details - €

Account Holder: Oliver Rodway

IBAN: BE68 9670 2548 8734


           Because we deal largely with international members we bank with Transferwise.                   They offer the best foreign exchange rates around. If you are already on                               Transferwise, then you'll know this. If not, it is free to sign up for and you even get a               free contactless card and the ability to hold accounts in many different currencies.               To pay us directly on Transferwise just send your transfer to:  (please copy the email to ensure that your funds go to         the right place, as Transferwise does not allow you to recall transfers)


      Just click this link and enter the amount you'd like to send.              


           Debit or Credit Card

      Lastly, you may pay for your certified translation by credit/debit card. Please note,          however, that there is an additional 3% charge for this kind of payment, as that's              what we get charged to receive it. If this is the way that you wish to pay, just let us          know and we will send you a special link for your purchase.

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