Free and discounted translations for asylum seekers, refugees, charities, NGOs other good causes and those in need.

Volunteer certified translators

We’ve had quite a few requests for certified translations from people applying for asylum in the UK. The process seems to involve the submission of lots of documents and these are very often in a different language. As well as the stress of having to leave their homes to find safety in the UK, and with an often arduous and dangerous journey in order to get here, asylum seekers are very likely to also be in a difficult position financially. For this reason, we decided to begin to offer our services at a discounted rate or at no charge, depending on availability, size of the job, etc. Below you will find a quick profile of a few of the people we have carried out certified translations for a discounted rate or free of charge. The names have been changed and they don't go into huge detail about their individual cases, but it’s enough to give an idea of the kinds of things people have experienced who come to us asking for help with the translation of their documents. Since the translators in our group seemed to be very keen on providing this service for asylum seekers we decided to extend our discounted/free of charge services to good causes of all kinds and we are now providing these to charities, NGOs and similar organisations or indeed individuals who need translations for good causes. If this is you, or if you’re a translator who would like to help out, just get in touch through our contact page or by emailing us at Below are a few short profiles of people who have used our discount/free certified translation service for those in need and have agreed to appear on our website.

"I’m from the Democratic Republic of Congo. My husband was involved in a banned organization and the authorities detained him and threatened us, his family. I escaped and eventually came to the United Kingdom and am applying for asylum in order to stay here. I am in the process of bringing my children here to stay with me in safety. My husband is still detained in the Congo. We have some contact with him and we hope he will be released soon, but it is unsure. The translators at translations certified did some translations for me for no charge to help me to apply for asylum. These documents were sent to the Home Office and I am waiting to hear back from them with a decision. Thank you very much for your help."

"I am part of a political group in Pakistan which has been named a terrorist organization by the government and army there. We are fighting for freedom and human rights, but the authorities see us as a threat. My life was in danger in Pakistan and my family continue to be harassed. I am continuing my work from the UK but it is difficult from such a long distance and I am away from my family. I have friends here though and life is good. I miss home and my family, but I am determined to continue my work and make the UK my home. The translation group have helped me with very good prices on articles I needed translating for the UK asylum application. They are good people, I am very grateful."

"As a Syrian academic in worked as a University Professor in my home country until the civil war started. Like many Syrians, I had to flee when the war came. I was in particular danger because of some of my views and publications. I had to go into hiding and then escape through Turkey and Greece. I made my way to the UK where I was reunited with some family members. I am now continuing my writing and trying to keep people informed about what is happening in Syria, as well as trying to help my compatriots here and abroad. The group has a most excellent Arabic translator who translated my work from English to Arabic and vice versa at a very high level of quality. The rates were very favourable and I am extremely appreciative of their hard work and generosity. Thank you."


"I'm an EU citizen living in the UK. I have a history of illness and became unwell again shortly after coming to this country to work. I had to stop working my temporary job. I needed to have my past medical records from my home country translated into English and certified but having no savings or income this was difficult to afford. I contacted the translation group and they agreed to carry out the translation for free. The medical report was very well translated and I received the certified translation the next day. I'm so grateful for their help and I think what they are doing to help people in need is a really positive thing, especially in these times where everything seems to be about money. The people I dealt with were also very helpful and understanding. Just get in touch with them if you need help.