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French Certified Translation


With over 75 million native speakers, and with France being one of the most popular UK destinations for work and holidays, and with large numbers of French speakers living and working in the UK, certified translations from French are one of our most popular requests. People most often need certified translations of criminal record checks, birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, passports, and university transcripts. We proudly and accurately deliver these services at an affordable price and guarantee the documents will be accepted by any United Kingdom institution. In fact, we're so confident that our unique set-up as a group of freelancers can get you the best priced certified translation from French into English that we have a price guarantee which means we'll beat all other quotes. So, in the unlikely event that you get a cheaper quote for a certified translation elsewhere, just forward us the details and we promise to beat it.

As our nearest non-English-speaking neighbour, our history, language and culture and intimately linked to those of France, and our need for mutual understanding and communication is as necessary as ever. Although the UK many have now officially left the European Union, free travel and trade continue for now. 

The United Kingdom is one of the most common destinations for French expats, with numbers living in the capital so great that French presidential candidates typically make a stop in London on the campaign trail! The French come to the UK primarily for its unique work opportunities, so requirements for certified translations of their official documents issued in France are a high priority when it comes to the necessary paperwork.

Similarly, many Brits spend time living and working in France, and it's very common that on their return, French documents such as police checks for their time abroad will need to be translated into English in order to resume work in their home country. This is one of the most common requests we receive for French to English certified translations.

With all this back and forth going on between the UK and France - and the cultural exchange that it entails - it's perhaps not surprising that increasing numbers of international relationships and marriages are occurring, not to mention the resulting offspring. Marriage and birth certificates are another of the most common certified translations that we carry out, and are almost always required when one partner inevitable decides to settle permanently in their significant other's homeland. Bilingual children of French-British couples are certainly lucky, but they will need their birth certificates and other documents to be translated if they are to successfully straddle both cultures and countries.

This living and working between countries was relatively easy when the United Kingdom was also a member state of the European Union, but since we have now officially left the group, families are seeing an increased need to formalise their stays in both France and the UK, often with the requirement for certified translations to back up their applications.

It must also be remembered that French is a world language with an important history, the result being that many millions of people around the world speak French in countries other than France. This legacy is felt most strongly in Africa, where many countries use French as an official language which serves as a lingua franca which unite linguistically diverse cultures. People from these countries who come to live and work in the UK will also very likely need certified translations of their original French documents.

Most of the requests we get are for French to English certified translations for use in the UK. If you need documents translating into French, for use in France or other countries, the process is a bit different. Please take a look at our page explaining certified translation for use abroad, particularly the section about France.

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