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Examples of Certified Translations

We know you'd like to have a good idea of what you're paying for so we've uploaded some examples of what a certified translation looks like below. They have been carried out according to UK government guidelines and so include all the necessary information (plus more) for Home Office, visa and passport applications, etc. Please note the statement of accuracy along with the translator's details, credentials, contact details and signature and stamp at the foot. These are examples of the digital certified translations that are sent by email for self-printing. A hand-stamped and hand-signed version can also be sent to you by post for a small extra charge. This is generally not necessary as our digital format is widely accepted, but we understand that you may sometimes need a hard copy or require the stamp and signature for extra peace of mind. Additional copies can also be sent out to you for no extra charge. Although digital certifications are more and more regularly accepted, there may be exceptions so please check with the requesting organisation before placing your order. Alternatively, let us know who has asked for the translation - we have a good idea of who requires what kind of certification since we deal with these kinds of documents and the procedures that they are required for on a daily basis. These samples are purely for informational purposes, and all names and addresses appearing below are fictional. If you require any additional features, variations, or adjustments, just ask and we will be happy to meet your individual needs. If you require a full-size version of the below just ask, we can send examples as email attachments. Please feel free to pass on this link or our contact details to the requesting organisation in order for them to confirm that our method of certification is acceptable to them. The same goes for friends and family who may require translations, we always appreciate referrals from our many satisfied customers. Click here to see what some of them have to say about their experience with us. 

Certified Translation Criminal Record

We get a lot of requests for certified translations of criminal record checks. These are very often required by new employers when the person starting a new job has previously lived and worked abroad. Above is an example of a certified translation of a Spanish criminal record check and below is a French version. For examples of other types of documents, you can always ask and we can send you a copy. Just let us know. 

Certified Translation of French Criminal Records

Births, deaths and marriages: certificates documenting these life events are often required as certified translations. We have them covered.

Certified Translation of Russian Death Certificate
Death Cert (2)-page0001 (1).jpg

Academic certificates: these are another of the document types for which we get a large number of requests for certified translations.  

Certified Translation of Spanish Academic Transcript

We can also provide certified translations of medical documents and reports, such as the following. Our translators have extensive experience in the subject matter. 


Another academic certificate below: this one was originally in Latin, a language in which some universities pompously like to issue them. No problem!


We can also translate from English into other languages if that's what you need. See below.

Kaur it-1_page-0001.jpg

We'll keep adding more examples of certified translations as we get them. By the way - all names and other details have been changed, and none of these examples belong to our paying customers; we keep those absolutely confidential! 

As you can see we can translate to or from any language you might need. See this one from Malayalam. 

Certified Translation of Spanish Academic Records
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