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                 Meet the Team


First of all, we are not a translation company! That may not be what you expected to read, but it's true. We're not set up as one, we don't act as one, and we don't have profits and margins to attain. And it’s for exactly this reason that we are able to offer you official certified translations of the highest quality at the best price on the market, and that's a guarantee.

We are a network of independent freelance translators working in almost all world languages and with a wide variety of backgrounds and specialisations.


We are all experienced in translating the certificates, diplomas and other documents of which certified translations are often needed for use in official procedures. 

Our team is made up of dozens of professional, qualified translators with the credentials required to certify their translations, so we will always be able to provide exactly what you need.

More specifically, we are all either members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the Chartered Institute of Linguists, or work for members of the Association of Translation Companies. These are the highest level of credentials required by UK government departments for acceptance of certified translations, so we find they are accepted universally within the UK, and many times further afield. Aside from the guaranteed acceptance of your certified translations, this is also a great reflection on the experience and ability of the translator, since these are prestigious organisations with very high standards required of their members.

To get to know a bit more about some of the individual translators in our group, just keep reading below.


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Read some of our translators' profiles below

"I'm Andrey, I’ve been working with the freelance translation group for a number of years now since I was approached by its creators as their go-to translator for the large volume of Polish documents they were getting requests for. Their set-up struck me as a great idea and I was keen to get on board. I’m a native English speaker who grew up speaking Russian and Polish, so languages were always close to my heart, and studying them in-depth and then moving into translation was a natural progression for me. My credentials allow me to certify my translations, which I had been doing occasionally before I joined the group, but now it’s my main line of work and I consider myself to be a specialist in the translation of certificates, academic documents, and other official material. We know that getting these translations right and with the correct certification for the procedures required is important to people and it gives me great satisfaction being able to help with that while making a living working with my greatest passion - languages."

"Hello, my name is Aziza. I’m the group’s main Arabic translator. I am a member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters so I’m well qualified to translate your documents between English and Arabic to a very high quality. I can also certify my translations for all kinds of official use. I’m originally from Egypt but I’ve lived in the UK for over 20 years and am now a native-level English speaker. I pride myself on my conscientiousness with my work and will only ever deliver a perfect translation, however much work is required. Here at the freelance translation group, our ethos is different – we’re not only in it for the money, we genuinely care about our work and the people we help. This can be seen in the discounts we provide for those in need and the voluntary work that we carry out for asylum seekers and refugees. These people often need certified translations as part of the process of making a new life in this country. It is something which is very close to my heart and I take pride in my ability to help as part of my work."      

"I’m the freelance translation team’s representative in China. My English name is Daisy. It's nice to meet you! I live in China. It's a long way from the UK but with our online communication between staff and customers, it’s no problem. We can organise everything by email and if you need certified translations I can issue a digital version and send that to you. One of my colleagues in the UK can stamp and sign my work on my behalf and send you the hard copies. I used to live in London and I studied there so I have UK recognised qualifications as a translator and I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, so I can certify translations headed for the UK government and many more institutions. I translate to English from Mandarin and other Chinese languages so my language skills and years of experience should have you covered whatever your Chinese translation needs. I look forward to working with you!"

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